Bowlerama Lanes
New Castle, DE

Barbara Cochran Proprietor

We have Battle Bowl 7 coming to our house this year. From our research, we’re extremely excited to have this event in our establishment. We just love the UBA.

Herrill Lanes
New Hyde Park, NY

Cynthia Guarino Mgr.

In our house we have the Trash Talkers. We’re very happy with our guys. They’re respectful, fun and, we feel like they’re a part of our Herrill family. As far as the UBA matches, they fill the house. It’s loud, but a lot of fun. The bottom line makes the owners happy as well.

Brunswick Zone Carolier Lanes
North Brunswick, NJ

Kathy Kubinak (fmr) GM

I have to tell you, when the UBA came to us asking to have the entire 82 lanes all day for 3 days, I thought they were nuts. I was so wrong. I’ve never seen anything like it. We had several logistics meetings 6 months prior to our 1st Battle Bowl. Almost 2000 bowlers came in and everything was extremely organized. I got to tell you, they were so accurate; we got down to suds leftover in one of our sixtels. We had to beg them to let our staff go home and sleep, or they would bowl around the clock. We hosted 3 battle Bowls and set income records all 3 years. I miss them, only as in having Battle Bowl and the energy. I’ve since joined a team and so did a lot of my former staff. Don’t kid yourself. This is how bowling should be!