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About Us...

Born in NY in 2009 with 16 guys, the association now consists of over 10,000 bowlers and 340 franchises. Having initially grown up and down the East coast, we now stretch as far west as Alaska. The UBA is the absolute truth. Remember... influential. We don't have just bowling for the sake of bowling… no way. The UBA is a family, a culture -- all to itself.

When you see the logos, the crowd participation, hear the lingo -- you're home. Think what you want, the UBA pioneers are still active. We've been copied, but c'mon, let's get real; only the originators can do it this long and keep it fresh. If you feel like you want that excitement, that action, that smoke… don't be shy. We got you! Google us. It's UBA all day!

Let’s get you to the essence of the UBA…

Season Tour 9v9

Here is where you and your preferred team battle all season, 9 vs 9, for a chance to make the playoffs and ultimately, the championships. 9 vs 9. 3 pairs, 1 scratch, and 2 handicap pairs of 3 bowlers each getting it in. Your squad represents your team in every match.

Yeah, we said scratch AND handicap. This means everybody has a shot. The Top 4 teams in each district make the playoffs and compete for the right to get to Battle Bowl and win the Wilder Cup, along with the tens of thousands of dollars that go with it!

World Championship Series

The UBA WCS series is a 1 on 1 best of seven competition for the coveted WCS belt. Think you can win it? Hold on, killer! Do you think you can hold on to it? That's the question. If you hold it all season, there are challengers from other districts that think your game is missing and should go on a milk carton. This is the best of the best. The smoke is so toxic, they train firemen on how to survive it. Hold your gut.

Team Rankings

Unlike the season tour, the Team Rankings is a fluid, rotating competition, featuring a best of 3 match. Let's amp this up a little. Now, here is where it differs from the season tour… it's a 6 vs 6 competition. This is why you have a team. You're gonna need it.

You put your 6 out there in this format: one singles match, one doubles match & one triples match. The triples team must be capped at a 645-team average. The singles and doubles require no cap.

What house does your team represent? Competition can come to you or you can go to them. Get your flex on. You can bowl until you pass out.

Season Brawls

Hello. I'm talking to the heartbeat of your franchise. If you’re like most bowlers, you can't get enough competition. I get it; it's like being a kid that doesn't want to come home before the street lights come on. That's why we have the return of the Season Brawls. 6 vs 6, 3 scratch bowlers, and 3 handicap over 2 pairs. While you have your Season Tour matches, you can have another set of bowlers going for broke in this additional format.

Oh no, wait for it… you don't have to see the same franchises in your division. You will cross divisions. If you step up, get ready. You may not have a clue who you're facing. And, if you win, you secure the bag on the spot. It's the ultimate team do or die type competition. Now you know why it's a brawl. Get your weight up on every shot!

UBA Pro Series

With the UBA, we cater to all bowlers and all skill sets. The Pro Series is for those high-average, laser-focused, ego-driven lane monsters. Similar to the Season Brawl, it's 6 vs 6, but all scratch bowlers on 2 pair of lanes. Think about this… you're going to bowl straight up with no parachute. You miss, you lose… because in this format, nobody is throwing you a pity party.

Check-out the audience in back of those lanes. They will let you have it. Of course, on the other side of the coin, if your game is nice, you can get your ego fed to oblivion. You think you got it like that? Show up with 5 other scratch bowlers from your franchise and throw down. If not, get some mature diapers and lessons. That's our world. UBA ALL DAY!

Entertainment & Events

After all that, we have a lot more. Let me list even more UBA bowling events:

  • Season Brawls,
  • UnHoly Alliance,
  • Mega Bowl,
  • Battle Bowl,
  • and Much, Much More!

Oh wait… did I tell you some of them are North- and some are South-based? You're not restricted, either. If you want to travel to those regions, go ahead. The UBA is about bowling -- all day. Why would you want to sit home and miss the sermon on the lanes? The UBA preaches unity and culture. I can't tell you everything, but trust and believe -- UBA is not just a commercial word, it’s a way of life.

UBA Apparel

This is brand new. The public wants to live the UBA life "all day". We're now offering UBA branded apparel to the public. Oh, absolutely! Get grandma a t-shirt. Get the kids a jersey to wear to school. I know you want to look UBA even off the lanes. It's OK. The UBA has heroes you can reach out and touch -- be it individuals, or teams. Why not wear their merchandise? You can show everybody you're down with the UBA. Visit UBA Apparel now!


With over 300 franchised teams encompassing thousands of bowlers and spread across close to one half of the United States, the Underground Bowling Association has redefined the sport of bowling. As the creator of modern

team bowling, Phil Chance has converted a sport that had a reputation of being 'old-fashioned and static' to a flashy competition that attracts people of all ages and backgrounds.

The UBA doles out thousands of dollars per event (culminating in Battle Bowl, which has celebrated its 13th year by giving out over a half million dollars in prize fund and side play). Other organizations have taken notice, by adding their own events and tournaments based on formats that the UBA has developed years ago.

As the UBA continues to grow and add franchises, one adage holds the same -- you can copy the format, you can copy the look, but you can't copy culture. And you can't copy Chance's vision.

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If you would like learn more or join the UBA, please contact us here.

Telephone: 516-274-0550

53 E Merrick Rd #107
Freeport, NY 11520

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