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About UBA

Bowling has never been very entertaining as far as excitement and crowd participation goes. Often when professional bowlers compete they request for the crowd to watch in silence as they focus on their shots. We believe this to be the reason Bowling has not grown or generated the revenue like sports such as Basketball, Football or Baseball.
In our eyes Bowling doesn’t translate. You can go to a high school Basketball game, feel the energy in the gym, and then feel something similar at a professional Basketball arena.
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Welcome to the Underground Bowling Association. The urban bowling company that promotes fun; competitive; in your face bowling entertainment

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Of The UBA

Every sport is competitive and bowling is no different. Bowling used to be considered by most to bea boring sport. No one gets tack led like in football.

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Bowlerama Lanes ( New Castle, DE )

We have Battle Bowl 7 coming to our house this year. From our research, we’re extremely excited to have this event in our establishment. We just love the UBA.

Herrill Lanes (New Hyde Park, NY Cynthia Guarino Mgr.)

In our house we have the Trash Talkers. We’re very happy with our guys. They’re respectful, fun and, we feel like they’re a part of our Herrill family. As far as the UBA matches, they fill the house. It’s loud, but a lot of fun. The bottom line makes the owners happy as well.


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Company CEO Ronald Hickland Jr also has a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). He utilizes bowling as a way to show STEM in action